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The Chefs


The Chefs

Caroline mccormack


When Caroline found Middle Earth five years ago, she left the corporate dinning management industry behind. She had not “cooked” for several years, but she loves food and was happy to be back in the kitchen. Caroline had a classic apprenticeship in Melbourne, Australia, with John Torode from Master Chef, and her education (a BA. Chef de Cuisine and Masters in Hotel Management) is evident in the food she serves daily. A while ago at Lake Tahoe skiing (in the 90's), she was offered an American Green Card to run a formal kitchen in a Casino, which is how she arrived to America.
From a family of accountants, she loves numbers, but loves flavors more. Caroline has cooked for an American President, the English Queen, a Prince, Princess, and Prime Ministers but now loves cooking for our Members Chef at Middle Earth. Caroline gets sad when she thinks about the poor quality meals and fast food  that many people eat, with chemicals and additives, that are harmful for everyone.

She believes good quality ingredients deserve respect and cherishes the bounty that California can provide. She knows that good food brings joy and strives to bring happiness, energy, and beauty, along with the best food to us all, the Suites community, every day.

Our Chef now lives in Mountain View with Mario (her black lab), her twins Erin and Christian, 14, and her husband Keith. 

Come and chat to her about any of your needs, and remember the best way to get what you want on the menu is to hash/work in her kitchen! Find her at moxie.meal@gmail.com

Dennis walker


Dennis has been the Chef at Beefeaters since 1993. He graduated from Stanford in 1979 with a degree in Political Science and worked for ten years in the retail automotive business, then left to attend the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and pursue his passion for food. As he says, " I made lots more money then, but I'm lots happier now". After graduating from Culinary School he came to Beefeater's and has never left.

In 2002 the Stanford Alumni magazine featured Dennis in their "On the Job" section. You can read the article at https://alumni.stanford.edu/get/page/magazine/article/?article_id=37753. If one could sum up his thoughts on food in a few words, they would be give lots of variety, and "buy great ingredients and don't screw them up". He really enjoys serving the world class seasonal and local foods that are available here: organic vine ripe tomatoes from Webb ranch in the fall, California Satsuma mandarin oranges and navel oranges in the winter, asparagus from the Sacramento River delta in the spring, and, of course, locally caught Half Moon Bay fish fresh from the boat. While in Culinary School he did his internship at The Fairmont in San Jose, in the pastry department, and it shows in the variety and quality of the desserts at Beefeaters. 



Susan knew early in life that she wanted to be a chef. Growing up in a blended family of 8 kids, learning to cook was a necessity. She earned her AA in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Canada College before attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and graduated in 1986. Later in her career she earned a certification in Holistic Nutrition through Bauman College.  She has held the position of Executive Chef at Bay Area favorites including Fresco, Flea Street Café, The Lodge at Skylonda and the Djerassi Foundation where she continues to volunteer as a hiking and art docent.

Always the athlete, her creative style in nutritious cooking has been featured in several magazines including Shape-Living Fit, Prevention and Vogue and earned the prestigious Readers Choice Award Conde Nest Travelers for Best Spa Cuisine under her leadership at Skylonda.

"Working at GCDS is a chefs and parents dream job! Bollard Club is a vibrant, creative and inclusive environment and I love being a part of it. I feel part chef, part den mom." When not cooking at GCDS she plays Masters water polo, loves hiking and is mom to Louie the thespian and Elisabeth the jock. Her husband Louis is also a chef so no one goes hungry and home.

Nicholas patchen


Nick was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio -- a small city 40 minutes south of Detroit. After high school, he moved to upstate New York and started working in restaurants to support himself while traveling around the East Coast and the South. Nick arrived in California in 2004 for culinary school and has worked at some of the most well-known restaurants in San Francisco. Prior to joining GCDS, Nick worked at All Spice and Taj Campton Place -- helping them earn their first Michelin Star--, and subsequently worked for Spruce, Outerlands, Va de Vi Bistro, and Navio Kitchen in the Ritz Carlton of Half Moon Bay.

When he is not cooking in Avanti, Nick is a property manager in San Francisco and has been doing so for ten years. He just started his own property management company this year.

Nick grew up with a passion for playing roller hockey and played varsity ice hockey in High School while helping to reinstate the hockey program after 20 years. A famous NHL goalie, Pat Jablonski, played for his school back then. Nick continues his passion for roller hockey, playing in Oakland every weekend. He also tries to work out every day, if not just for ten minutes. Nick finished his first sprint triathlon last summer with a time of 1hr 20min. He "was pretty stoked about it". Nick also likes to ski, hunt, fish, boulder climb, and off road in his Jeep. His goal is to get his Jeep ready for Fordyce, known as one of the toughest off-roading trails in California, during the summer of 2017.

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Club & Kitchen Managers

Club & Kitchen Managers

Club and Kitchen managers are in charge of the daily operation of the dining societies. Club managers act as the liaison between members and the chef, soliciting information about anything from dietary restrictions to suggestions for food and snacks. Kitchen Managers are in charge of the cleanliness of the club and manage student hashers.



Ted Miclau, CM


Ted is a senior at Stanford studying Human Biology, and he is on the diving team. This is his second year in GCDS, working at Avanti alongside Chef Nicholas Patchen.

"I believe eating at Suites is the best dining option students have at Stanford. The chefs truly enjoy working at Suites because they like to know the students they are cooking for, and that creates a friendly dynamic around meals. I find it particularly convenient that Suites dining offers breakfast every morning, and this is something that you rarely find outside of dining halls on campus." 


Maria Maguire, KM


Maria Maguire is a junior from Davis, California, studying biology.  She is the Kitchen Manager of Avanti and this is her second year as a club member. 
“I love working for GCDS because it allows me the opportunity to help the chefs provide truly amazing meals for dining club members.  GCDS is special because it is a student-run organization which allows us to form a cohesive and unique community” 



Tarek Abdelghany, CM


Tarek Abdelghany is a Senior from Mission Viejo, California studying Computer Science and is on the diving team. This is his first year working for GCDS, working as the Club Manager for Beefeaters where he was a member last year.

“Suites dining is really special because it combines the open-kitchen and high-quality cooking aspects of row houses while being a student-run organization, which really allows for club members to have a say in their dining experience. GCDS creates a dining experience that isn’t just about the food, but also about forming connections with the chef and one’s fellow club members.”


Trevor Danielson, KM



Trevor is a senior studying Computer Science, and competes on the track and field team. This is his third year eating at Beefeaters and the first year staffing. 

“This being my third year at suites, I am not sure there is a better dining community on campus. Some of my favorite memories and friendships from school have been made during mealtimes and events here. I like working for GCDS because I get the chance to help bring those experiences to all the members of this community ”



Molly Dicke, CM


Molly is a senior from San Francisco studying Mechanical Engineering. She is Club Manager of Bollard, where she will be eating for the second year in a row as a member of Outdoor House.

“I love the community that surrounds eating in a dining society. It’s a great way to get to know the people you live with and the chef. Student autonomy over the club allows for the food to be dynamic and accommodating to different residents. Plus, the food is delicious!”


Lindsay Allison, KM


Lindsay is a senior studying MCS, originally from the Bay Area. This is her second year eating in Bollard as a part of Outdoor House.

"I like working for GCDS because I have the chance to be directly involved in the management of our dining society. I love the responsibility of a student-run organization and how we can create community through our work."  




Kaitlyn Albertoli, CM


Kaitlyn is a Junior studying International Relations and Psychology.  She is originally from San Clemente, California and this is her first year on staff of GCDS.  She is the Club Manager for Middle Earth.

“I love working for GCDS because it is a great opportunity to get to know both the chef and all the residents in your dining society.  Also, the food is amazing; it’s like eating a home cooked meal every night!  Working for GCDS is a unique experience because it is about more than just managing the club.  It is about creating a place where everyone enjoys coming to enjoy food and the Suites community.”


Lulu Acosta, KM


Lulu is a junior studying Product Design. She is originally from San Diego and is currently a member of Navy ROTC here on campus. Last year she was a member in Bollard.

“ I like GCDS, for starters, because the food is amazing. It also gives me the opportunity to engage with staff and students on campus and take a leadership role in the Stanford community.”






Sam Gold, CEO


Sam is a Junior studying Management Science and Engineering. He was born in San Francisco, but spent much of his life growing up in a suburb of Chicago.  Sam loves exploring new food, traveling to new places, and running


Chinedum Egbosimba, CFO


Chinedum is a Senior studying Chemical Engineering. He is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. This is his second year working for GCDS. He is serving as the CFO for GCDS this year.

“I love GCDS because I believe that the unique experiences our chefs are able to create in each dining societies are an integral part of the value proposition of suites, and a core reason why, year after year, students keep coming back.”

The Board

Aaron Konisberg

Dan Priestley

Joshua Charnin-Aker

JT Sullivan

Maria Malone

Morgan Priestley

Robert Hommel

Thomas Stephens