Who do I contact about dietary restrictions?

You should contact your Club Manager and your Chef about any dietary restrictions. They are both more than happy to work with you to accommodate your dietary needs and are committed to making sure your needs are being met!

When are meals served?

Breakfast is served in Avanti for all GCDS members from 7:45 - 9:15am. Lunch is served from 12:00-12:45pm in your respective dining society. Dinner is from 6:00-6:30pm.


What if I cannot make a meal time?

Depending on your club, there are different policies in place. Beefeaters and Bollard provide late plate options whereas Avanti and Middle Earth keep all leftovers in their fridge, which students can heat up at any time of the day. You are also always free to use the kitchen to make your own food. Ask your Club Manager for further details.

Are there meals on the weekend?

GCDS provides student cooked brunch (10:00-11:00am) and dinner (6:00-6:30pm) on Sundays. There are no meals provided on Saturday. However, there is an open kitchen. Please contact your Club Manager for snack or food stocking requests on weekends, such as sandwich materials or eggs.

I have an issue or concern regarding my eating club. Who do I contact?

First, reach out to your KM or CM. They most directly manage the food in each club, along with the chefs. If they cannot provide you an adequate answer, they should forward your concern to the CEO/ CFO. However, always feel free to reach out to management here or at gcds.management@gmail.com.

What is the guest policy?

In order to ensure that every resident at Suites has enough food at every meal, each member is allowed only 1 guest per week. The guests are only allowed to eat the meals prepared -- snacks, fruit, and other food items are not permitted to be given to the guests. Guests are usually not permitted at gala dinner. 

How is my eating club assigned to me?

Your eating club is based on the room you chose at in-house draw. Prior to in-house draw, you can reach out to the CFO/CEO to get clarifications.

What if I want to eat in another club than the one I am assigned?


You are not allowed to eat in a club other than the one you were assigned because the chefs must calibrate the food prepared to the members in their respective clubs.

Can I be exempt from the meal plan?

The short answer is not really. The university requires that you purchase a Suites meal plan. Exemptions are only granted for medical or religious reasons. If you feel your food needs are not being met, please let your chef and KM/CM know so that they can better assist you. They are always happy to help and have dealt with all types of dietary restrictions in the past. For further inquiries, please visit: https://rde.stanford.edu/dining/meal-plan-frequently-asked-questions#exemption

What if my friend wants to eat at Suites more than once a week? 

GCDS allows students form other residences on campus to pay for temporary members to one of the four dining societies. This money covers the cost of their meals and compensates chefs for having to prepare extra food for additional members. Additionally, this extra income helps cover incidental costs of special programs and events hosted by the dining societies. If you want to learn more about becoming Eating Associate, contact the CEO/CFO for pricing and further details. Website section about Eating Associates coming soon!

What is the break down of our Board Bill in Suites?

In 2016-2017, GCDS received 77% of the total Board Bill in the Fall and 71% of the total Board Bill in the Winter, per student. Of this amount, $791 and $725 respectively, per student, were allocated for food and the rest helped cover operational expenses, including but not limited to payroll, chef employment benefits, insurance coverage, and employer taxes. For more questions, please reach out to the CFO.

What is gala dinner?

Your dining club puts on a gala dinner twice a quarter, in which your chef and staff go above and beyond to prepare exquisite food that you would not normally find on campus. Guests are usually not permitted.

What is special dinner?

Once a quarter, your GCDS staff puts on a themed dinner party for you to enjoy with a guest of your choice. In lieu of special dinner, during Spring GCDS puts on a Suites-wide dinner party complete with live music and games.

What is a club rental? How do I rent an eating club?

Club spaces are rented to student groups on campus for a fee and deposit. These events help fund special events put on by GCDS for the students. 

In order to rent an eating club, you must contact a Club Manager at least a week in advance of the event. You must also be able to register your event with OAE here https://alcohol.stanford.edu/party-planning/registration. The Club Manager will have you fill out a contract and collect it along with the fee and deposit. The student group renting the club is responsible for properly cleaning the club and for abiding by all GCDS and University policies.